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I had the privilege to have seen this cosplay up close and I will say, it is nothing short of impressive. Not only is the clothing amaz...

I absolutely love the colors you are working with for this piece. Very nice and warm feel. Also, good choice of subjects. The field, th...


As the World Once Known Will Leave Me by ekormekolindo
As the World Once Known Will Leave Me

Rejected. Alone. Forgotten. Abandoned on Jotunheim. Left upon the frozen wasteland wanting more. Having tasted something greater, he stares longingly into the night sky towards that which he shall never obtain. This is his fate.

Prismacolor colored pencils on black Artagain paper.

On Tumblr
Journal Commission - Tikitimes by ekormekolindo
Journal Commission - Tikitimes
This is just a small revamp of a journal skin that was commissioned by someone who's changed their account name. Alas, DA does  not allow me to simply change the header of the old one so this is a new deviation.
I would like to ask that no one uses this unless you obtain permission from Tikitimes! Thank you!
The Fain of the Princes by ekormekolindo
The Fain of the Princes
The Lady Frigga, queen of Asgard and affectionately known as the Allmother by all others, was praised throughout the Nine Realms for her nurturing nature. Her heart was for all creatures and beings despite their shortcomings and those that received her compassion flourished. As a mother of two sons, Prince Thor and Prince Loki, she desired to teach her young boys about the value of life thusly, one afternoon, she stole them away from their "magical quest" to the realm of foodheim, also known as the kitchen, and took them out beyond the walls of the city of Asgard to a forest nearby. There, she introduced the lads to a beautiful deer who had just given birth to a baby fawn. Immediately, the little princes took kindly to the baby deer much to Lady Frigga's enjoyment. She stood afar and tended to the mother deer whilst Thor and Loki gawked over the fawn. Thor took it into his arms but, unaware of his growing strength, he began to choke the life from the baby.
Loki became aware of the little one's struggle and begged Thor to release it. Thor believed Loki to be jealous that he got to hold the fawn first so he was reluctant to release him. When he finally did, he realized his mistake and both princes grew worried as the fawn lay limp upon the ground. Loki had begun his lessons in magic but was easily a novice at this time. Despite his lack of training, he took pity upon the fawn and attempted to heal him though his limited magic. Unbeknownst to either one, the spell Loki used was incorrect and rather than healing the fawn, it hastened death. The fawn passed out but the princes believe the baby is just resting after the trying ordeal. Cautiously, they place him under a tree to rest and head off to continue their quest in the forest.
Lady Frigga returns to the spot where her two sons had left the fawn and quickly uses her own magic to heal the poor thing, however, she refused to tell them the fawn had flirted with death so that they would not feel ashamed of their unintentionally destructive actions. It was only years later that Loki sat in study, reading through a book of spells when one seemed familiar. It was then he had the realization that he had used it on the fawn some years back and it was not what he had intended. It should have killed the little fellow. Loki's heart sank as did Thor's when Loki revealed the mistake. For a whole week, Asgard had to deal with two guilt-ridden teenager princes.

Yet another drawing! Tis been a while since I have uploaded one and that is because it has been a while since I had a chance to doodle something. I was frightfully busy with my cosplay up until now so I had a bit of time to draw. I went for a manuscript idea for this one since it went with the story above. I admit, I role-play with a friend of mine and it was between he and I that this tale came about. I desired to illustrate it.

Loki's flower, the Stargazer Lily, symbolizes ambition.
Thor's flower is the Daffodil symbolizing chivalry.
At the top is the idea of life and death going from moon to sun back to the moon.
Finally, there are Odin's ravens, Huginn and Muninn, hidden in the drawing. They symbolize thought and memory.

Prismacolor colored pencils, sepia pens, tan paper.
On Tumblr

Denver Comic Con

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 8, 2013, 1:50 PM
Another update! Surprise!
So I attended DCC (Denver Comic Con) this past weekend. I went with :iconboykinne: and I couldn't have made it without her. She shared a hotel room with me and also found a wheelchair for me to use. She even wheeled me around all weekend! My foot kinda hurt for friday but wasn't so bad for the rest of the weekend. I was gonna write out the whole weekend but not many read this journal and it would be a lot of writing/reading so I'll just give some highlights.

boykinne made a Ms. Marvel costume for the weekend which was a big hit. It looked awesome on her. My twin friends, :iconshira--hime: and :iconchiaroscuro-ink:, met up with us on Saturday and cosplayed the Nerd Herd. I wore the Stark dress from last year on Saturday and did a wounded Captain America on Sunday. We saw lots of fantastic cosplays, good shopping, meeting fun people, and visiting some good panels.

 photo cb2d8de9-8800-490a-af1c-0b87070ecb3c_zps0c331a8e.jpg
 photo 08e30b6c-e434-4604-8f73-2a1494d6932a_zpsf52aa71e.jpg
 photo 0ce25b64-b149-4db4-9b7c-b750f73217c6_zpsc3717d4b.jpg

 photo 83aadc4b-111e-4869-9865-5f3589aa924f_zps9b90c317.jpg



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I have been dabbling in art since high school. I enjoy many outlets for my creativity including costuming, drawing, crafting, and photography. Don't ask me to write because that is one skill I am short on.

I am a bubbly, optimistic person with an infectious smile... or so I am told. I love and respect life and I give my all to making other people's lives a little brighter.

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